I knew at age three that I was different. But I wouldn’t know how different until my life continued to unveil itself to me. My mother put me into ballet class at age three. By four I was performing in productions on stage. I was a very sensitive child. I saw things differently than other children and adults for that matter. Later on I would learn the words empath and telepathy and things would start to make sense to me as I got older. Like a rose. Each petal was being plucked to reveal things to me as my life’s path continued to unfold. At the early age of four I knew I wanted to be an actress. What else would I be what with all this emotion to share?

My brother Brad

Through my teenage years I continued to perform in theatrical shows. I was classically trained in singing, acting and dancing. Also through these years was the feeling of being different, a misfit. Although I was very popular and out going, I never lost sight that I was different. Not like a girl with buck teeth, or shy, or weird. Just different. I had a knowing about things.  Insight about people. My mother try to brush these things off as nothing or she would tell me I was too deep.  I saw energy/aura’s of people living and dead. There was nothing deep about my family and I was anything but surface.

My brother Brad was 18 months older than myself. We were extremely close. As children our spirits would play with one another. One time when I was about 8 years old I was in bed and felt a hand sweep over my face in a playful way. I called for my mother and she looked into Brad’s room where he was fast asleep. These things would happen throughout our lives and continued after his suicide in 1980. The closeness he and I share continues today.

I started having visions in my late teens. The most frightening one was of my brothers death. The visions came in pieces so I never was able to see the whole picture. But within two years he was gone and the picture from the visions were never completed in time for me to see it coming. I now know I wasn’t meant to see it and there was nothing I could have done to stop it. Some things are meant to be and some things can be prevented.  I love my brother very much and as I move forward in my life it would be revealed yet another important step into becoming a healer.


I wasn’t like most people who picked a career and went for it. I moved to Fort Lee, New Jersey to pursue my acting career after leaving University of South Florida in Tampa, Fla. I taught acting, while I was performing in off broadway productions, auditioning and dancing, and before long I found myself casting. First finding work for my students and then into main stream. In the early 1980’s I added professional make up artist to my career list. I viewed all these “career’s” as finger’s.  Something was driving the bus and at times I know it wasn’t me.

In my private sessions with actors there was the occasional dead relative who would show up or the person at the table next to me in a restaurant who I was lead to give a message to. My hands would vibrate and I would gently put my hand on a friends shoulder and they would feel better. I didn’t’ have boundaries in the early days. I don’t even know if I understood what was happening to me at the time. For the next 10 yrs or so, I threw myself into all my careers.  Adding writing, and lecturing on show business to the fingers.  It seemed that one day strange things started to happen.  Like a crack in the veil from the otherside or perhaps from God.  From that moment I committed to whatever this gift was and wherever it would lead me.  Over the last 15 years since I have committed to being of service to the Divine, God, Higher Power. I have seen magical things happen.  So I have added the base of the hand that holds all my fingers.

Each day I am grateful for all the blessings, all the amazing people I come in contact with, and the kindness of stranger’s who have become a part of my Universal family. As the veil slowly dissipates and blends the physical with the spiritual, life and after life will bring us more together than ever before.

I am honored and blessed to play apart in healing peoples lives.