"Why go to Lily Dale when you can go to Pamela Kramer here in New York City.  She is the real deal!"

-Tony Nation

Pamela is one of the most unique healers that have ever worked on me. She has a clear view of what is beyond the veil of the physical realm. Through this sight she is able to see the energetic body in a very special way. Pamela’s work with me has been a powerful healing experience and has given me new insights into healing work.
— Rachel Button Sakai, RN
When I met Pamela Kramer I knew immediately that she was more than an instructor. Her energy radiated so strong from her and without words told me that I was exactly where I needed to be. While taking her class I landed a guess starring role on Law and Order SVU and upon completing her class I have landed multiple co-starring roles in some top television shows such as Orange is The New Black, Power, The Leftovers and most recently The Affair to name a few. Pamela is so in tune with the universe and its energy’s that she knew the trajectory my acting career would take before it actually happened and, thankfully and intuitively, I paid attention to and headed her guidance. I would be a fool not to continue seeking her guidance and till this day she remains a dear friend and constant guide in all areas of my life. I love her and owe her the world or better yet the universe. Thank you Pamela!
— Alan R. Rodriguez, Actor
I injured my back working out at the gym and was in desperate need of help. I could barely turn my head, my upper back and neck muscles had so badly cramped. Pamela literally rescued me from my painful predicament being innately sensitive to where the energy was blocked in my back. She helped me relax and enabled me with her healing touch to restore health to my body. I am very grateful.
— Dave Pillard, Business Owner
I was recommended to Pamela through a friend, and I am so grateful that this incredible person has been placed in my life. I go to her primarily for energy work, and I have had so many amazing sessions with her that it is difficult to summarize my overall experience. No two sessions are alike. Pamela has helped me regain focus in my career and my life in general, and I’ve learned how to be more open and aware of of what my life is offering me. I used to try to force my own path without actually listening to myself; I would try to break down doors that weren’t being opened to me because I felt certain pressures from outside. Through Pamela’s sessions, I’ve learned to appreciate the journey of my life for what it is, as opposed to feeling frustrated for what it isn’t. I am now a happier person, and I am getting better and more satisfying work.

One specific incident that blew me away and I feel is worth mentioning is the time that my deceased grandmother visited during an appointment. It was strange. I had been having dreams about her, and was thinking about her more than I usually do. I was very close to her, and I have a necklace that has the diamond from her wedding ring on it. I was wearing the necklace when I went to see Pamela, who knew nothing about the history of it. While I was on my way on the train, I sent out a quick mental shout-out to my grandmother, saying that I’m here, I’m listening, and if she is trying to contact me, that I am about to see someone who may be able to pick up on it. Sure enough, about halfway through the session, Pamela stopped what she was doing and said that we had a visitor. I asked who it was, and she said that she wasn’t sure, but that she felt that the spirit was maternal in some way, and was pointing at my neck. I was in total shock. I knew exactly who it was. She had a message for me, Pamela relayed it, and I will never forget it for the rest of my life.

Pamela just “knows” and it can be very eerie. I could write a novel about how many times she has said something extremely specific that I was just thinking or about or all of the bizarre coincidences that happen in her presence. She is simply amazing, and I fully recommend her to anyone who is open to it.
— Katherine Elliot
Pamela has changed my perspective on my life and career forever. Before I met her, I had an interest in energy work, but knew very little about it and didn’t have a clue who to ask. I also found myself becoming keenly aware of energies surrounding me and began developing questions about my past and present which I didn’t know how to ask, let alone answer! From the moment I first saw Pamela, I had no doubt she was the answer to all I had been searching for. Each session I’ve had with her, and each time I talk to her, my understanding about myself, my energy, and my role in the Universe becomes clearer and clearer. Pamela is an amazing woman with the most incredible gifts which she only uses for “the highest good.” I have endless appreciation for her seemingly limitless goodness and light.
— Danielle Guldin, Actor
When I first met Pamela I had no idea she was a Reiki Healer. I clearly remember that day, I felt so at ease with her it was as if I were talking to an old friend. She was so aware of my emotions and I immediately opened up to her. After our conversation was over I felt an overwhelming need to cry before this stranger that made me feel so at ease. She gave me her card and mentioned that she did Reiki and that it may be beneficial for me. I was hesitant to try it but I was in desperate need of relief from the inner turmoil that I was facing on a daily basis and the blocks that I had created for myself as a result. So, several months later I decided to try it and as soon as I left the session I felt an immense weight lifted from my shoulders. All the pain, anger, hurt and endless array of emotions that filled me seemed to magically disappear. I am so thankful that Pamela came into my life that day at that diner. Since that day 3 years ago, I feel more confident about myself and have made peace with things from my past. As a result of that 1st Reiki healing I am more happy and successful. Pamela’s gift has changed my life for the better!
— Alexandra Manzano
I’ve suffered from an inflamed sciatic nerve on and off for over 10 years. On numerous occasions, Pamela has gone to work on that area and instantly the healing begins! Energy and heat, warmth and comfort, peace and tranquility – you will experience all of these sensations and more in just one session with Pamela. I often come to Pamela feeling off-balance and wound up from the inside out and I always leave feeling stronger and more at peace. Pamela is gentle with her touch and yet so powerful with her healing; you can’t help but give your mind, body and soul over to the experience.
— Lauren Sparagna, Project Manager, Digital Media Agency
I want to thank you for your exceptional healing powers. To anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to have you help to heal them is missing out. I would like to have my story told so people who have a tough time believing will put all there so called image and pride aside and open there hearts and minds and take a good listen inside.

My story. My name is Ricky Taranto and I am a carpenter. I recently had gone through a divorce and was having major anger hang ups. I didn’t realize how bad things were with me until I met Pamela. I had trouble sleeping and also trouble letting the things in life that really didn’t make a difference get to me.

My first session was the most POWERFUL session for me because she empowered me to take a listen to myself and who I was. I was at times panic struck, scared, yet calm and open. She has taken me to a place that was almost out of body looking in and pinpointing the things that I need to work on and get in touch with. She had given me a book to read that was very inspirational. A book called the four Agreements, by Don Miquel Ruiz. That book and the simple things we had discussed had changed my life.

It took 2 sessions with Pamela to get me back on track and now I’ve been working on myself for the past 2 years. I feel like I’ve been reborn with a whole new life ahead of me. I feel like I am unstoppable and untouchable. I owe my new found life to this woman and the words Thank you, just don’t seem to mean enough.

Pamela, From the bottom of my heart you are the most wonderful person and I am blessed to have you in my life. I have met people in my life who have changed me, but you have changed me for the better. I thank you, my son thanks you and all my close friends and family thank you, for putting me on the path to health and happiness.

I love you,thank you. Keep up the good work.
— Ricky Taranto, carpenter
My experience working with Pamela on spiritual healing has been nothing short of life changing. The work she does makes me look at my body in an entirely new way and has me leaving each session feeling awake, alive, and refreshed. Over the course of several months, my body and life have shown improvements that have been, without a doubt, provoked by Pamela’s guidance and unique work.
— Kelly Driscoll
I am truly encouraged by the warm presence of Pamela Kramer. The energy session I shared with her was enlightening-I was blessed to have her aura energy as a guiding light on a path to an uplifting awareness. I finished the session feeling rejuvenated, humbled, and grateful. I am so thankful for the unforgettable experience.
— Chris R.
Pamela is truly a gift. Through her healing work I have not only been able to achieve my professional goals but I have also been able to strengthen my personal relationships. I see her on a consistent basis. I also refer my clients to her on a regular basis and it is amazing to see them achieve their professional goals through her healing work. I feel very blessed to have Pamela in my life as she is a true asset.
— Jenevieve Brewer, Personal Manager
Pamela has been a great inspiration. As her student she has taught me the importance of respect and more importantly the love for oneself. Her soulful lessons have been a great enduring source to my own personal growth. It has renewed my faith in becoming an actor and my intuition as well. I find Pamela to be extremely gifted when working with her and truly compassionate. She is non rushed and dedicated and thorough in all of her sessions. Truly a gem!
— Marie Hilaire
Pamela Kramer has been a God send for me over the past year. I scheduled about a dozen sessions with Pamela, on almost every occasion her healing technique always left me feeling alive and at peace. I would like to mention a couple of very unique experiences that I felt during my healing sesions with Pamela.

On one of my first sessions in particular, I was suffering from severe stress due to a family crisis and working a 60 hour work week. My whole demeanor was negative, my shoulders were tense, I was suffering from headaches and I was unable to sleep most nights. After a one hour session with Pamela, I felt all my worries and troubles totally dissolve, my overall energy returned, my headaches were gone and did not return. Another healing experience brought about a detoxification effect on my body in which Pamela focused on my liver and abdomen. The next day I eliminated multiple times and realized that this was due in part to Pamela’s work on my body.

At the end of every healing session, while Pamela sits with me and we reflect on the experience, I always see orbs and lights around the healing area, I know it may sound crazy but it happens every time.

If you desire healing of any kind whether it be mind, body or spirit, than Pamela Kramer is your God sent.
— Anthony Bruno, Herbologist/Nutritionist
Pam and I have known each other since childhood. She was a very dear friend of my brother’s. We could go years without any communication but pick up like old friends when reunited.

A couple of summers ago I was vacationing with two of my best girl friends. We had stayed up long into the night talking and the conversation had somehow led to each of us having signs that are loved ones who had passed away have left for us.
Dimes found on a regular basis or a patch of sunlight on an important day.

Later that night just before turning in I got a text from Pam after not having been in contact for months. She basically said my brother, who had passed away in 2000, was with her. I was shocked! I had just walked away from a conversation about him.

Needless to say, we had a long text chat; the three of us! Pam shared many thoughts and enlightenments that came from my brother and that many I know to be true and believable.

It is a memory that I will cherish forever. I am truly grateful for Pam’s gift and friendship.

Another wonderfully blessed encounter with Pam came last summer. My dog got very sick all of a sudden. With virtually no warning, within a couple of days, he went from a happy, lively and healthy dog to being so sick he could not eat, drink or even walk. He was unable to even sit up. The vet did every test imaginable and found nothing. They thought it was perhaps meningitis or a tumor on the base of his skull. The pain was so bad he moaned like I’d never heard an animal moan before. I was beside myself with worry and fear.

I had just returned from the pharmacy with some additional pain medicine and was sitting with my dog on the porch trying desperately to make him more comfortable. He had a high grade fever and was still unable to get up from a lying down position.

And then I got a phone call from Pam asking what was up with my dog! After a brief conversation, she had me put my dog between my legs, one hand on his head and another away from our bodies. She walked me through words, thoughts and feelings and within the hour my beloved pet was standing up!

I don’t know if it was the meds, time passing or Pam’s amazing gift. I do know that I believe it was a combination. I think the return to health would not have happened had the three factors not aligned together. I know that Pam’s kindness, generosity of spirit and blessed gift did indeed play a role in my dog’s recovery. And I will be forever grateful.
— Stevie S.